We're confident that our facilities and surroundings are second to none but you don't have to rely on our opinion.

Here are some of the comments made by our clients.

If you have any questions about us or our facilities, call us on 01785 280218 or send us an enquiry from our contact page.



'Beautiful location, a lovely atmosphere and I like the peace of mind of knowing my horse is safe when I'm not there'

'Very welcoming owner and a very peaceful location. I was recommended to try Batchacre Hall and I know it was an excellent choice.

'Superb livery and a great choice of bridle paths'

'Good paddocks, good management and lovely surroundings'

'Nice bunch of people and a lovely place to ride and spend time with my horse.'

'For me, the important thing is knowing my horse is in good hands and I'm very satisfied.'

'I've been at Batchacre Hall for some time now and have always been delighted with the high standards and the professional attitude'


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